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Thursday, April 27, 2017
  Galema: Anak ni Zuma
  Weekdays I 4:20 PM

Episode 48 I December 6, 2013
Despite Isabel's intention to protect their family, Gustin and Rosalinda opt to stay in the country regardless of the danger that awaits them.
Meanwhile, Dean manages to win Pacita's sympathy despite Bonjing's disapprobation on his return.

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Episode 48 I December 6, 2013
Despite Isabel's intention to protect their family, Gustin and Rosalinda opt to stay in the country regardless of the danger that awaits them.
Episode 43 I November 29, 2013
When Philip finally wakes up from his coma, Galema becomes even more determined to save Isabel from Zuma.
Episode 38 I November 22, 2013
Despite their desire to fulfill their promise to Dean's mother, Pacita and Bonjing decide to banish Dean after realizing that they cannot do anything to stop the monstrosity taking over their nephew.
Episode 47 I December 5, 2013
The Castillos rejoice at the safe arrival of Isabel and Galema, unaware that the military suspects that Zuma may still be alive.
Episode 42 I November 28, 2013
Keeping his strong hold on Isabel, Zuma plans to take her to his kingdom.
Episode 37 I November 21, 2013
Galema gets into a fight with a group of snakes siding with Zuma while on her way to the snakeman's hideout.
Episode 46 I December 4, 2013
In her heated battle with Zuma, Galema emerges triumphant but unhappy as she defeats the monster at the cost of Morgan's discovery of her secret.
Episode 41 I November 27, 2013
With the help of her snake allies, Galema manages to prevent Morgan from drowning in the quicksand.
Episode 36 I November 19, 2013
While Galema undergoes a hard time searching for Isabel, tension arises between Morgan and William as they compete for the young lady's attention.
Episode 45 I December 3, 2013
Galema fails to tell Morgan about her secret and he gets detained in camp while she and the rest of the troops approach Zuma's lair.
Episode 40 I November 26, 2013
Galema struggles to resist Morgan's charm as the young man continues with his quest to win over her heart. When
Episode 35 I November 18, 2013
Zuma puts his life in danger when he saves Isabel from a group of ravenous crocodiles.
Episode 44 I December 2, 2013
Isabel continues to exert her influence on Zuma to weaken him in time for Galema's arrival.
Episode 39 I November 25, 2013
Unable to control her feelings for Galema, Morgan steals a kiss from the young woman as she sleeps.
Episode 34 I November 15, 2013
Galema begins to lose hope as her search for Isabel remains futile.
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