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Thursday, April 27, 2017
  Maria Mercedes
  Weekdays I 9:05 PM

The story of Maria Mercedes begins on a cacao farm in Davao, where as a small girl, Mercedes was left to fend for herself and her siblings after the untimely death of her father and their mother abandons their family.

Moving to Manila for work, Mercedes meets Clavio, a friend who will harbor feelings for her, and Luis, the man who will teach her how to love.

Fate has a few surprises for Mercedes though as another man comes into her life offering her genuine love and a life of abundance she has never experienced before.

But what if this man is also the key to the truth that will tear her family apart? What if the promise of a better future be the same thing that will ruin her life?

Will Mercedes become like her mother, who turned her back on her family or will she be a stronger woman who will defend her loved-ones to the end?

Will love be able to heal the wounds created by a bitter past?

Episode 08 I October 16, 2013
While deeply disappointed at Clavio after learning how he acquired the cellphone he gave her, Mercedes suffers behind bars after Malvina files a case against her.
Fortunately, Luis bails her out of jail. Meanwhile, after admitting to Nenang his love for Mercedes, Clavio feels jealous upon learning through Mercedes’s journal her true feelings for Luis.

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